What We Do For You

Owning a rental property is a great investment that can yield positive returns for decades to come. Getting the most out of your property requires regular attention and ongoing focus. Lighthouse is here to help!

Our team of licensed realtors and management staff has what it takes to grow your investment. We can assist you through all facets of ownership including the purchasing process, marketing, screening and placing tenants, leasing, rent collection and evictions, maintenance, and much more. We have dedicated and passionate professionals who will treat your rental property as their own.

If you own rental property in Rochester or any of the surrounding areas, let us show you what the team of devoted professionals at Lighthouse can do for you!


The Lighthouse Advantage

We pride ourselves on being committed to serving both owners and tenants alike. We are always striving to provide modern solutions to streamline our processes.

Effective marketing

With the click of a button, our vacancies are immediately advertised on not only our website, but hundreds of other listing sites as well. Applicants can apply online directly from their smartphone!

Online portals

Our clients have access to their statements via their owner portal while tenants can access their own online portal to pay rent and submit maintenance requests. Tenants can pay directly from their bank account at NO additional cost to them!

Streamlined communication

Office staff and tenants can text back and forth on our software program. Documents can be uploaded and stored on tenant or owner accounts digitally.

Pay only for what’s collected

As an owner, you will only be charged for rent’s collected.

Responsive maintenance

Tenants can submit requests via their online portal and receive email confirmation when those requests have been received. Maintenance staff can track work orders on our software solution’s app!